The number one use for Floatation Therapy is relaxation. Escape from stress, work, and electronic distractions. Quiet your mind and prepare yourself for a spiritual journey beyond belief.

Improve Sleep

Floatation Therapy helps millions of people get the sleep they need. Floating encourages the body to enter a deeper more restful state of sleep. Learn how it works.


Floating can help you visualize your goals. It can provide the quite time needed to generate new ideas, solve problems, and refocus the mind. Learn how floating can help you be more creative!

PTSD & Stress

Many people dealing with stress or anxiety find the relief they need while floating, and individuals suffering from PTSD need this relief more than anyone.


Floatation Therapy is commonly used to recover from sports injuries, pregnancy related discomfort, and general muscle soreness.

Pain Relief

Learn about how floating can help reduce and even eliminate pain. Floatation Therapy has helped millions of people just like you find relief. This may be the cure you are looking for.

Take a journey of the mind!

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What are the benefits of float and halo (dry salt room) therapies?

Check out our blogs on Floatation and Halo (Dry Salt Room) Therapies. Incorporating Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) and Reduced Sensory Environment within a float and Sodium Chloride cleanse with light therapy within a halo session.

The Science Behind the Float

There's lots of scientific research supporting the benefits of floatation therapy, want to learn more about the science stuff, read on......

Florida Today – Summer Fun Article

Souler Float is proud to feature in the Florida Today Magazine for the July 2019 Summer Fun Edition. In this article we showcase Souler Float's Services with a visit from Florida Today's Journalist and Writer Maria Sonnenberg.

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