Health Benefits of Full Spectrum InfraRed Sauna Sessions

Lowers Blood Pressure

Helps with Chronic Pain

Enhances Blood Flow

Promotes Weight Loss

Removes Toxins from Body – Easy Detox program

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Eases Joint Stiffness

Reduces Malignant Cancer Cells

Understanding InfraRed

Souler Float Wellness Center offers a Full Spectrum InfraRed Sauna designed to accomodate up to 5 people.  A Full Spectrum sauna makes use of far, mid and near infrared. 

What exactly is infrared? Simply put, infrared is light. Near Infrared light has a short wavelength closest to visible light while Far Infrared light has the longest wavelength. Utilizing all 3 wavelengths in a sauna sessions allows a wide range of total body benefits.

Infrared light therapy is widely recognized as an effective way to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling as well as being proven to prevent tissue damage, offer deep detoxification and increase cell energy production in the form of ATP Production increase and oxygenation of the blood. In addition to this, infrared is able to lessen the damage after heart attacks, stroke and nerve injury and promote wound healing.

What’s the difference between a coal sauna, far infrared sauna and Full spectrum infrared? Whilst the first 2 sauna types increase temperatures to heat up the surface of the body inducing sweat by using far (FIR), mid (MIR) and near (NIR) infrared rays the full spectrum sauna is able to reach deep into your tissue providing much deeper and more efficient healing and detoxification.

There has been worldwide scientific research and clinical trials over many years focused on infrared therapy. Many studies have shown that regular infrared sauna use can boost your immune system. Increasing internal body temperature produces more immune cells amping up your body’s natural defenses.

Full Spectrum Infrared saunas also help with blood float via vasodilation (opening of the blood vessels). Vasodilation also allows more oxygen flow to your brain which relieves the sense of exhaustion, helps get antibodies and immune cells to the affected areas faster, increasing your chance of a full and speedy recovery.

Studies have also show that regular use can prevent other illness and also great for heart health and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Weight loss is also one of the many benefits of using infrared saunas. It helps you look better by reducing the amount of fat (adipose tissue) on your body but also reduces systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation works against your body’s immune system. Reducing body fat boosts your immune system and helps fight off illness. Full spectrum infrared saunas a are great passive activity, if you’re tired, sore or simply don’t enjoy working out, you can relax and gain several benefits.

So wanted to feel refreshed, invigoriated and stay healthy, what are you waiting for, book your regular sauna sessions today!


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