The need for awareness, creativity, and focus.

Most jobs require a bit of focus. Some jobs demand creativity and others force you to be aware at all times. Being able to do these things better will make you better at your job. Being better at your job can lead to positive attention, compliments, and even pay raises! Floatation Therapy helps millions of hard working American’s stay focused, creative, and aware. Give floating a try at Souler Float!

Snap out of that 2:30 feeling.

What is that 2:30 feeling? It’s that post lunch tiredness that sets in. Many people reach for another cup of coffee, take a walk outside, or just power through it. But there is an easier way to deal with this 2:30 feeling. You can avoid it altogether! Floating is proven to improve sleep, energy, and focus.

The benefits of floatation therapy.

Floating even once a week can provide lasting benefits. There have been many studies done on floating for creativity, and we even wrote a blog all about it! Check out our article on Floating for Creativity!

Are you feeling stressed? Stress can be a major distraction and lead to poor work habits. Learn how floating can decrease and even eliminate stress in our blog on Floating for Stress Relief!

Another problem many folks face is pain in the form of migraines and headaches. Some of these headaches can be so debilitating that they force people to take the rest of the work day off. Check out our blog on floating for Headache and Migraine Relief.

Floating can help you be better at your job. Give it a try today at!

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