By: Bridget Bachman

It may seem like your stress simply won’t go away. It may even feel impossible to manage the amount of stress that you have to face on a daily basis. You can take charge of your stress today as you learn about how floating is a relaxing, healthy, and safe option in stress management.

Stress is an epidemic that hurts people every day and can come in all sorts of forms such as tension, nervous energy, worry, anxiety, and feelings of intense pressure. The sooner we can identify the stress in your life, the more effectively we can manage it and find solutions. We manage so many things throughout our everyday lives including our family’s schedules, meal plans, events, work engagements, appointments, and much more. We are fantastic at managing all of those outward visible activities, yet do we take the time to manage our stress? Are we stopping at all through our day to tune in and handle our own stress? We check in with our loved ones with how they are doing, yet do we check in with ourselves to see how we are really doing? Similar to having a calendar that maps out our daily activities and manages our appointments; we need to map out, take note of, and pay special attention to our stress before it manages us.

Have you ever wondered where your stress comes from? I have found that stress does not come from thinking about the future, but rather it comes from wanting to have complete control over the future. You are on a purposeful, beautiful, love-filled journey, one in which you are free to give up control and be led on your path of abundance and peace. When we try to control things, we are in turn not allowing ourselves to live a life to the fullest which includes embracing spontaneous, uncontrollable, and even unpredictable joys and delights. What does anyone really gain from control other than a false sense of power? The next time you want to control a situation, I challenge you to simply let go and go with the flow instead. Take note of how this makes your mind and body feel as you give up control and learn to loosen up.

Floating teaches us how to go with the flow and relax. Floating allows for there to be a safe, quiet place for the brain to declutter and unload. It is a time to unplug and disconnect from the noise, while reconnecting with your own self. When you are in a sensory deprivation floating tank, you lose control of the outside world because in a way, it doesn’t exist for those 60 blissful minutes. Inside of the float tank, you find that you truly only have control over yourself, your thoughts, and your choices. Floating teaches us how to step into a relaxed and conscious awareness of our own individual and independent space, starting first with the sacred space inside of our mind and our heart. Through being in tune with ourselves, we are then able to distinguish how our actions impact and influence the world and others around us. Floating promotes growth in the ability to observe our own self.

This practice of connection with self is very important for empathic people. An empath has a large capacity to feel and even understand what others are experiencing to the point where they place themselves in another person’s position.  As an act of healing, the empath will reach out and feel someone’s pain that they are going through with a desire to connect, mend, and bring healing to their hurt and trauma. Empaths strongly feel what others around them are feeling and often get confused as to if the energy they are feeling is their own or another’s that they picked up. This can cause great stress as the empathic person holds onto the emotional stressors that actually do not belong to them. This can feel like carrying around a residue in your energy field or even heavy enough to feel like you got slimed with negative energy. If you identify with being empathic, floating would be an exceptional way to support your gifting of being an empath. Floating assists in the awakening process of understanding what your own energy feels like, how to protect your energy from being drained, as well as how to differentiate between the energy of the people you help and your own. Floating lifts and cleanses away the stress and energy that we face each day.

Floating takes the stress away because it remove as much sensory stimulation as possible. Stress is most definitely a sensory stimulation. Stress can be felt in many ways in the body. Some of these include headaches, stomach aches, muscle tensions, sweating, fatigue, trembling, dry mouth, and dizziness.  The relaxation that occurs in the float tank is a direct result of reducing all of the sensory input the brain and nervous system receive. Taking away sensory input is literally taking away stress! When you remove all of the stimulation and sensory input, you are giving your body the experience of knowing what it feels like to not be under any stress! This is such a divine and loving gift to give to your beautiful body that always loves you in return. The body loves to heal itself and when you intentionally choose healing practices like floating, it multiplies the goodness of an already healing body that is constantly regenerating to be made whole. Floating is like partnering with your body to activate and push the healing process along in an accelerated manner. Do your body, mind, and spirit a favor and float!

The most powerful weapon against stress is our desire to choose one thought over another. You can choose today to be proactive with combating your stress. You can choose relaxation by calling Souler Float to schedule your float session today at 321-591-9005. You can also visit Souler Float at 1694-A W Hibiscus Blvd. in Melbourne, Florida.

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