Getting your game on.

The benefits of spending an hour or so in a float session are numerous and far reaching. Floating can benefit anyone: ranging from a stay-at-home mom to a professional athlete. With this in mind, it stands to reason that it can also be of benefit to many less commonly thought of groups. Gamers, or people who play video games, are a prime candidate for float therapy.

A gamer, whether professional or recreational, can spend up to 8 or more in just 1 gaming session. While breaks are surely evident, tension in the neck and shoulders is inevitable. You could go for a walk, take some ibuprofen, or get a massage, but our idea may be a bit better…

Gamers should give floating a try! 

Floating is known for the deep meditative state it brings. Achieving this state allows true focus. Being able to focus on a target, player, or objective is literallly what sets gamers apart from the competition. Being in a state of deeper concentration allows both sides of the brain to synchronize, encouraging the discovery of new ideas and potentially increasing ones ability to game. 

The rewards to be gained have no end! Soaking for a prolonged period in Epsom salt water kept at body temperature will increase circulation while also lowering blood pressure. It will also help prevent adrenal fatigue (often caused by stress) and promote less “down time”. This means you will be able to game longer, better, and more often.

Get the edge on the competition.

What does all of  this mean for the gamer? A faster recovery, less stress, and a renewed sense of focus and increased creativity. If this sounds like you hit the jackpot, set up your first float today to stay ahead of the game. We’re talking about a cutting edge idea, so don’t get left behind. Book over the phone or online today @!

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