One of the most overlooked tips to successful training – particularly in a competitive sport such as body building is rest and a focused mind. Floating not only meets this need, but also brings with it numerous additional advantages.


Physically: While floating, your body is no longer fighting against gravity. So for a body builder, this will bring relief to each and every aching muscle that was just put through the ringer. Epsom salt is made up of magnesium sulfate, which not only relaxes the muscles, but also builds protein. This is a great little tip for big results and benefit body builders at the same time. In addition to relaxing the muscles floating in a high concentration of Epsom salts removes lactic acid build up from the body after a workout. All of this leads to reduced risk of injury (particularly due to tension) and helps optimize the effects of training.


Mentally: The other aspect to floating is it’s known for the ability to relax and refocus the mind. While body building training obviously utilizes the body, it also uses the mind. Sensory deprivation brings the mind to a state of consciousness in which the floater has complete control. This kind of connection makes the mind more open to learning; a handy trick when learning a new routine while in training. For this reason, many trainers often recommend floating when working out for a competition. This would also be the perfect opportunity to take visual inventory of the body to find where you’re holding tension. This facet of floating brings an unbeatable mind-body connection and is a sure way to avoid burnout of any kind. And the lower the chance of burnout, the more opportunities to compete and move upward arise.

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