By: Bridget Bachman

Are you aware of the electromagnetic fields that are in your environment? They are so common that you are most likely sitting in an electromagnetic field at this very moment. Electromagnetic fields or “EMFs” are invisible areas of energy. They are often called “radiation” and are produced with the use of any electrical power as well as forms of natural and man-made lighting. EMF’s come from many different sources including microwaves, cell phones, x-rays, computers, power lines, ultraviolet waves, gamma rays, smart meters, televisions, routers, cordless telephones, fitness tracking devices, and many more sources.

The inner workings of an EMF are intricate as there are electric fields that form through different voltages taking place. Along with these electric fields, there are also magnetic fields that form due to a flow of an electric current. The electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from these fields gets stronger as the electric and magnetic fields increase. An example of this would be when your cell phone is working extra hard to maintain connection. When this is happening, you may even feel your phone get warm because it is completing multiple or advanced tasks. This creates a higher electric and magnetic field due to the energy the cell phone is giving off by attempting to maintain a strong cellular connection. These are often the times that your cell phone battery may be depleted earlier than what is common. Thankfully, there are practical ways to help limit your exposure to EMFs. It is a healing practice to not wear your cell phone on your body because these electric and magnetic fields could be dangerous to your health through sending harmful microwaves and free radicals into your precious body. Our bodies are natural and long to stay that way. Natural bodies respond well to natural stimuli, yet being on a cell phone for large amounts of time is not natural and can bring disruption to our health. You can increase your health through limiting your screen time and being intentional with where you keep your phone.

Many people experience EMF sensitivity yet since EMF’s are not talked about as much as they should be and are often a controversial subject, the people that are sensitive are often left confused as to why they have symptoms without answers as to how to be healed and restored.  There are many symptoms of Electrosensitivity. EMFs have been linked to constriction of blood flow to major organs, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and increased blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate. Please become your own advocate in the prevailing issue of EMFs. Activate your critical thinking skills and begin to ask questions, be your own investigator, and open your eyes wide to how you are daily being exposed to radiation. When you start looking for EMFs, you will find that they are everywhere. The conversation about the dangers of EMFs seems to be in hiding yet slowly emerging with new data and warnings. It’s quite peculiar that even mobile phone manufacturers have a disclaimer encouraging you to not hold your phone directly to your head.

It can feel slightly overwhelming when first learning about electromagnetic fields because we live in a culture where we are constantly surrounded by EMFs. Fortunately, there are resources, tools, and tricks to avoid and lessen your exposure to EMFs. A very simple first step would be to move your wifi router out of bedroom and place it somewhere that you do not sit or stand by for long periods of time. If you are able to, turn your wifi router off completely when you are not using it or before you go to bed is an awesome tactic to combating EMF exposure. Another solution would be to switch your phone onto airplane mode when you are not using. There are many other ways that you can limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. There is EMF protection jewelry that you can get that is made up of different crystals and gemstones. One of the best sources of EMF protection would be found in shungite. Shungite has metaphysical properties to protect against electrical magnetic fields. Shungite is known for being able to absorb and neutralize the frequencies that are found in harmful radiation. It is the only natural material to have hollow molecular carbon cages. These are called “fullerenes” and allows shungite to neutralize the EMFs. In 1996, the scientists that made the discovery of fullerenes won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Grounding commonly referred to as earthing is another fantastic way to gently detox the EMFs from your system. This is simply walking barefoot outdoors and connecting with the Earth’s energy through direct contact. Grounding neutralizes free radicals, decreases stress, improves sleep, decreases inflammation, and boosts immunity.

One of the most significant and greatest ways to heal your body from all of the electromagnetic radiation exposure that has already been experienced is to utilize floatation therapy. Floating is a marvelous way to detox your body of harmful EMFs. Each floatation tank contains 1,100 pounds of medical grade epsom salts. These salts pull out toxins that are stored inside of your body and give you feelings of refreshment, rejuvenation, and restoration! I have personally experienced this for myself. As a teacher, I am constantly staring at computer screens, tablets, Ipads, and responding to messages and emails on my phone. I found that all of the screen time left me feeling exhausted and drained. Plagued by overexposure of EMFs, I started floating regularly and instantly found that my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health was positively impacted in profound and amazing ways! Floating helped me step away from electronics through increasing my awareness, consciousness, and the ability to monitor how much I was using electronic devices. Discovering floating has been the greatest gift to my health! Floating gave me the ultimate present of being present (in the moment). It taught me how to slow down and breathe, welcoming gratitude and thankfulness into my life in a way that I had never experienced prior. Through floating, I learned how to love myself. Floating demonstrated to my own self the great power and gift of taking care of the body that I live in. Floating taught me how to give my own self the approval, validation, and tenderness that I once looked for in places outside of my own spirit. The nourishing salts soothed my aches, while the sensory deprivation allowed me to get to know my own self much better, accepting myself, and ultimately loving myself. It is nothing short of a miracle in this fast paced society we live in to discover an avenue such as floating that ushers you into a state of peaceful bliss and self-acceptance along with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I have noticed that after I float, I feel so alive as though I am viewing life in color after living in what appeared as only black and white! The drained feelings leave and a new energy is stirred up and awakened inside of the floater. Before floating, I would often get EMF related symptoms such as tingling in my hands, headaches, brain fog, insomnia, fatigue, and ringing in my ears. After floating, all these symptoms have completed left me. It’s like the ultimate trade where I would go into the float tank having these horrible symptoms and then leave the tank feeling as though I have been wrapped in a warm blanket of love, comfort, and serenity. It feels like all is right with the world after a float! I invite you to experience the delight of floating though booking your float today by calling (321) 591-9005 or book online at

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