Training Recovery & Float Therapy

Many athletes from the Olympics, NBA and NFL currently use float therapy to recover from sporting events and training exercises. Both 2015 Super Bowl teams, the Patriots and the Seahawks, have shared their experience with floatation therapy. Comedian Joe Rogan, Actor Pat Healy, and Olympians Wayne Rooney, Carl Lewis, Tom Brady, Elle Macpherson, Peter Gabriel, Michael Crichton, Susan Sarandon are all known floaters. The number of people benefiting from floatation therapy is growing every day!

Here are just a few ways that floating can help you improve!

  • · Healing or preventing injury
  • · Improving performance
  • · Speeding up recovery time between workouts
  • · Reducing training fatigue
  • · Easing stress

The Importance of Recovery for Athletes

Athlete’s know that recovery is a crucial part of training. The human body needs rest in order to stay healthy and continue improving. Floatation Therapy provides better REST, improved muscle recovery, and even helps prevent future injuries.

Not just for the pros!

Recovery isn’t just important for professional athletes. It’s important for anyone who works out regularly. Whether you’re into CrossFit, Boxing, Running, Yoga, Pilates, dancing, swimming, or any form of exercise, recover is just as important. Your body needs time to recover and prepare itself for the next work out. Your body and mind can benefit enormously from the practice of flotation therapy. Schedule a first time float today at Souler Float!

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