“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”

By: Bridget Bachman

Floating has brought so much relaxation, alignment, and clarity into my life. The tranquility that comes through floating is like a warm blanket of peace that permeates every fiber of my being; pushing out fear, doubt and anything that would hinder love and forward progression in my existence. The benefits of floating are limitless. Floating decreases anxiety, improves sleep, relieves physical pain, enhances athletic performance, benefits creativity and brings an aligned state of being. Floating strips the stress layers off of us that pile up through being immersed in an overly stimulated and fast paced society. It provides an oasis of relaxation which is a true gift to ourselves. The symbiotic relationship of floating to the body is a divine gift that keeps giving. As our body rejuvenates, restores, and heals, it provides us with more energy and life. As we give ourselves permission to slow down, float, and heal, our body says, “Thank you!” and gives us this optimal health in return.

Floating is a reminder that each day is a new beginning. Each float is a fresh opportunity to return to that original state of aligned health both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The float tank reminds me of the source of life represented in a mother’s womb. I often imagine that as I float, I am returning to that place of unconditional love, new life, and perfect health. As I meditate on these things, I can physically feel my body become healthier and healthier. In the womb, there is preparation in the works leading up to the birth. I see the similarities in this process with how floating works. In a sense, I am in gestation in the pod during the float and the birth occurs most often post float while navigating the real world once again. In the tank, I can sense the birthing signs that come right before birth, which are glimpses of deep revelation rooted in truths that my mind could not previously comprehend. The mind was not open enough to receive until it was given permission to be quiet, even silent in order to understand and cognitively operate on those greater levels. The supreme metaphoric connections between new life, birthing, and floating are unparalleled!

The “birthing process” where I tangibly see the most value from my time in the float tank usually occurs around 2-3 hours post float during reflection and relaxation either at my home or in Souler Float’s relaxation room. It is as though a deep work of the soul is occurring in the float tank and the results follow the alignment that occurred while floating. It reminds me of how when someone breaks a bone, the bone must first be put back into alignment in order to bring forth the full fruition of the healing.  These post float results usually take form in the way of new inspiration, profound meaning in things that previously seemed mundane, and deep sensations in the human body of infinite relaxation particularly in the muscles. This is true alignment of the spirit, soul, and body! The day after a float is my favorite because I feel as though I am “floating” through life’s common stressors with an ease that wasn’t there before the float. Floating is the gift that keeps giving because there is no end to the benefits.

Something I have noticed after each float is that I always sleep so much better. I feel safer in my skin. My joints, bones, muscles, mind, and entire body feel healed and loose. I attribute this to the magnesium in the float tank. Floating uses an Epsom salt (magnesium) solution to make the water extremely saturated. Water in a float tank has a relative density of about 1.25, making it basically impossible not to float. Over one thousand pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved in a couple hundred gallons of water, creating an almost zero gravity environment. This salty goodness is comparable to the Dead Sea in Israel which I had the wonderful experience to float in. The Dead Sea was one of my first floating experiences and it provided a very similar healing experience one would receive at Souler Float.

Floating allows the body to be in a position to absorb magnesium in an efficient manner. Magnesium is known to help balance calcium levels in the body, reduce stress, balance hormones, reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases, and normalize blood pressure. Magnesium is a main component in critical body processes such as protein synthesis, energy production, blood glucose management, muscle and nerve functions, bone development, synthesizing DNA, amongst so many more functions! Magnesium does things for the body that one would not even expect. For example, magnesium transports calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes which in turn conducts nerve impulses, muscle contractions, and even normalizes heart rhythms. Floating is such an amazing way to give your body the magnesium it so desperately wants and needs. Since magnesium relaxes the muscles and the mind, I attribute the deep sense of peace that comes over me after a float to the magnesium at work inside of me. When I am in a calm state, I am capable of creating and having more creative ideas.

When I drive home from floating, I see and sense new ideas, some of which are specific to my life and sphere of influence while others are worldwide transformations. I visualize people coming together to create positive change and I start to envision the love that this world craves and needs. I consider the revolution that would occur when the source of love is awakened in each being. The use of floating in my life allowed my heart to quiet itself enough to be awakened. The heart had to come to a place of rest, of calm, to be awakened by the healing salt waters. What would it look like if an entire city, state, or country woke up?

            When I arrive home after a float, “eureka lightbulb” moments frequently occur where I start to see more clearly and experience an increase in creative thought patterns. For example, I will start to see that my career as a teacher carries more importance than what I could previously see before I floated. I have had many post float revelations towards being an educator, teaching with enthusiasm, and adapting a mindset of “If I don’t do it, who then will?” This shows heightened consciousness and an increase in meaning, purpose, and intentional living. Floating has drastically increased my ability to see major significance within my daily life. It’s as though I was living in black and white before I floated and now I can see in color! Everything is more alive after a float, as though the salt clears away the debris and makes things a lot clearer to see in all areas of my life. Clarity that comes to my mind reflects also physically. As I feel my mind clear, my body follows, bringing forth the purest form of who I am. My skin is smoother, cleansed, healthier, and refreshed. My overall skeletal and bone structure feels stronger and full of vitality.  I am now able to go deeper into my stretches that I previously could not complete.

            Even as my muscles can stretch further, my mind can now stretch further in its’ flexibilities.  I have more hope and more happiness. I know tomorrow will bring great things, for out of the float tank comes new life and true renewal of self.  The clarity from floating brings clarity to relationships. I start to see who I am supposed to give more time and love to. I start to understand how important family is. The ability to see that there may be great differences yet there is ultimately a oneness within humanity. A oneness in knowing that we are all in this journey together but also separately. Each float is like this where it is a customized individual experience all may have. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”. I relate this to floating because each float is special in its’ own way and brings about positive transformation to the person floating. Many people want to seize the daily opportunity to live to their highest potential. This potential is reached while I am floating. I feel my highest self. I feel most connected to my purposes, abilities, and my direction while floating. May this enlighten and inspire you on your own floating journey.

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