Questions & Answers About Sauna Sessions at Souler Float 

What should I do to prepare for my first sauna session?

Come in light, loose, easy to change in clothing. For the comfort of all guests, please refrain from using perfumes and cologne before or after your session, ladies should avoid wearing make-up. Oils are not permitted in the sauna.

Do I need to bring a bathing suit?

Yes, bring a bathing suit for your sauna session. Some of our customized programs build up more a of sweat than others, the sauna suite is private and once your session is set up you’ll be left to change and enter the sauna. Towels are also provided for your comfort. 

Should I eat or drink anything before completing a sauna session?

It is important to be hydrated, you need to drink at least 8oz of water prior to and after your sauna session. We recommend that you consume some form of small food items at least one hour prior to your visit. 

Can I freshen up after my session?

There’s no need to shower however we do provide cold lightly wet wash cloths in the room for you to freshen up with.  We also have a beauty station area to reset hair and make-up.

How long does the sauna session last?

All our sauna sessions are custom, designed specifically to suit what you are looking to achieve in a session. These vary in temperature, near, min and far infrared intensity and timing varies between 30-45minutes dependent upon the program selected.

Is the sauna private or shared?

It is private, the sauna is large so you can comfortably lay down if you wish, however you should not allow yourself to fall asleep in the sauna. The room assigned to you for the appointment slot and you get to choose if you want to complete the session on your own or bring a friend. The sauna can accommodate up to 5 people, each guest will need to be booked in advance. Sauna sessions are priced per person. 

Hygiene: This facility is founded on the principals of a healthy mind, body and soul.

We exclusively reserve the right to evaluate and refuse service to any persons prior to services at Souler Float for cleanliness & healthiness. If you have a medical condition that you’re not sure is compatible with sauna use, please check with your healthcare provider prior to booking an appointment with Souler Float.

Who should not use the sauna?

We’d love to allow everyone the chance to experience our luxury sauna but unfortunately there are some conditions we must exclude.

* People under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed.
* Pregnant ladies.
* Uncontrolled high blood pressure.
* Uncontrolled diabetes.
* Recent heart failure, abnormal heart rhythm, unstable angina, pacemakers or other heart related issues.
* Do not use the sauna if you take medications which interfere with your body’s ability to regulate temperature.
* Do not use the sauna if you are taking medications which cause drowsiness.
* Do not use the sauna if you have a medical condition such as anhidrosis that may limit or prevent your ability to      sweat.
* Do not use or end your sauna session if you experience light-headedness, dizziness or heat exhausted or feel ill.
Infectious diseases.
* Respiratory disorders.
* Open wounds.

Are aromatherapy scents allowed?

No. We do not allow any incense or other aroma products within Souler Float. Not all persons are comfortable with scents or incenses and some are actually allergic to these products.

What do I do during the session?

We recommend sitting back and relaxing, you can also bring a book or magazine to read.

Is there an age limit for using the sauna?

The recommended minimum age is 8yrs old. This is because children under this age cannot regulate heat like an adult and can become dehydrated much more quickly. If you would like your child to complete a session as Souler Float you will need child’s pediatrician’s permission.

What if I fall asleep?

You should not fall asleep in your session. It is not safe to do so plus you’ll need to keep an eye on the countdown clock to the end of your session. If you feel sleepy during your session you should sit up, if you feel drowsy you should exit the sauna.

How much time do I have before and after my session?

We allow you 3-5 minutes before your session starts for changing into your swimwear. At the end of your session we allow up to 5 minutes. This is time for you to freshen up and change out of your bathing suit. There’s a beauty station complete with hair dryers and restrooms if you need additional time. 

It is also very important that we gain access back into the room so we can sanitize, restock towels, wipe down the benches and do an overall clean.  We strive to maintain a clean sanitary environment for all customers so this time is valuable to us.

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