Questions & Answers About Halotherapy at Souler Float Wellness Center

Is Halotherapy safe for everyone?

Halotherapy is relatively gentle treatment, non-invasive, drug-free, chemical-free and 100% natural and provides a wonderful, therapeutic addition to everyone’s wellness regimen. Dry Salt Therapy can be suitable for infants as young as one month old, and children in fact respond to the treatment even quicker than adults and regular sessions provides a protection from the infections found typically circulating in the play ground, at school and generally out in public places.

There are no known potentially harmful side effects or drug interactions. Halotherapy is NOT SUITABLE for people with sever conditions such as the following and should consult a doctor or specialist prior to adding Halotherapy to an existing treatment plan. A doctors note will be required before using the facilities.

  • Pre-existing or suspect lung cancer
  • Any kind of infectious diseas
  • Acute respiratory disease
  • COPD with 3rd stage of chronic lung insufficiency
  • Coughing with blood or bleeding
  • Infections accompanies with fever
  • High blood pressure / hypertension in IIB stage
  • Chronic kidney disease

What should I wear and how to prepare for my Halotherapy session?

We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing to your session and to avoid wearing jewelry. Very fine salt particles will land on clothing during your session, it can be easily brushed off at the end of your session. For the comfort of all customers using the suite, please refrain from the use of perfumes, cologne, lotions and other scented products.

No food or drink is permitted in the halo suite so please have a light snack or drink prior to your session as needed.

You will need to arrive 10 minutes before your session to allow time for our associates to explain the process, review and sign our disclaimer before setting you up ready for your session start time. Late arrivals may result in your appointment being cancelled or rescheduled and no shows will be charged a late cancellation fee.

Upon arrival you will be asked to remove your shoes, we provide a pair of sanitized slippers. Bare foot is NOT accepted in the halo booth, if you do not wish to wear slippers please ensure you are wearing socks for your session. A shoe rack is situated by the reception desk, no shoes (except the Souler Float supplied slippers) are permitted beyond the reception desk or in the  halo suite, please place your shoes in the shoe rack and collect them upon departure. A basket is situated next to the shoe rack, please deposit your used slippers in the basket for sanitizing.

Our halo suite offers complete privacy and comfort during your session. If you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis we encourage you to expose these areas of your skin to the salt during your time in the salt booth. If yo wish to do so, please bring clean under garments or a bathing costume  for use during your session (no full nudity is permitted).

We recommend that you refrain from using cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras etc. You can bring a magazine or book to read , however to maximize your session spending the time relaxing, unplugged and focused on your breathing is the most effective approach. Please ensure device volume/ringers are turned off or in silent mode before your session starts as entry or exit from the booth is not permitted once the session starts unless in an emergency. Using your electronic devices whilst in the halo suite is at your own risk as they could be damaged by the salt.

What should I do during my session?

Sit back, relax and breathe. Its a good time to enjoy the calm and peacefulness of the suite. You can use the time to meditate, reflect and relax whilst breathing deeply and enjoying the comfort and healing benefits of the dry salt.

Due to the salt particles in the air and the negative ions of technology it is not recommended that you use or take mobile phones, tablets, laptops or listening devices into the booth. Use the session to unplug for just a few minutes.

How long does the session last?

Sessions in our Halo booth last 20 minutes. Since our booth is smaller than salt rooms or caves your treatment is more concentrated therefore you do not need to be exposed for 45 minutes to an hour to gain the same benefits.

How often should I use the Halotherapy Booth?

There are no proven rules as to how often you should have halo treatment, however the more regular your sessions the more you will benefit. The effects of Halotherapy are cumulative and restorative.

Are aromatherapy scents allowed while in session?

No. We do not allow any incense or other aroma products within Souler Float. Not all persons are comfortable with scents or incenses and some are actually allergic to these products. .

Will I be bored?

Our sessions are 20 minutes long so it is highly recommended that you sit back take the opportunity to simply breathe for. We provide meditation and breathing techniques work sheet for each session to help you learn whilst in session or simply bring along a book or magazine to read. 20 minutes goes faster than you’d expect!

Is there an age limit for using the Halobooth at Souler Float?

If you are under 18 years old, you will need your parent’s permission and under 16 years old will need parent supervision during your time at the center. If you are over 100, you will need your child’s permission.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Our purpose build Halobooth is 100% glass.The door operates similar to a shower door and transparency of the glass offers both a clear view of the room and an anti-allergen material safe for use with all medical conditions halotherapy is known to assist with.

How much time do I have before and after my session?

Our associate will enter the halo suite with you to begin your session. If you require time to change please let the associate know so the can set the system up accordingly. At the end of your session we allow up to 5 minutes for you to gather your belongings and if you have changed for your session to change back. 

It is also very important that we gain access back into the halo suite so we can clean and prepare for the next client. We strive to maintain a clean sanitary environment for all customers so this time is valuable to us.

Can there be two people in the same session?

Yes, our booth holds up to 3 people. We only book private sessions in our Halo suite, at the time of booking please let us know if you wish to book the session for 1,2 or 3 people so we can prepare the room to accommodate you.

What is the difference between an Active and a Passive salt room?

There are two types of rooms for providing dry salt therapy in man-made environments: active and passive.

Active Salt Room

An Active salt room must have a special piece of equipment called a Halogenerator and is primarily based on providing a controlled way of providing micro-sized particles of pure pharmaceutical grade salt in the air to be inhaled and exposed to the skin. The Halogenerator crushes and grinds the salt into micro-sized particles and disperses the salt aerosol into the air. This type of active dry salt therapy is known as Halotherapy.

Passive Salt Room

A Passive salt room does not have a generator and its man-made environment filled with large amounts of varying types of salt such as Himalayan, Dead Sea, Mediterranean, Rock Salt, Caribbean… Often a passive salt room is designed to control the climate by regulating the airflow, humidity and temperature to allow for an allergen and pollutant free environment. A passive salt room is attempting to provide what is known as Speleotherapy, based on the natural salt caves found throughout Europe, however it is a man-made environment. Speleotherapy occurs in natural environments that are underground with specific conditions that include atmospheric pressure, air temperature, wind speed, air composition, humidity and other factors that cannot be reproduced in a man-made environment. 

Without any halotherapy equipment, it is not recognized as halotherapy. It is a passive salt room that provides a great space for relaxation, meditation and increases psycho-emotional well-being.

While there is much research and clinical studies on both Speleotherapy and Halotherapy, the primary effectiveness of dry salt therapy is based on the inhalation of certain sized salt particles into the respiratory system and having the skin being exposed to these micro-sized particles of salt. This is only possible in a man-made environment using a device such as a Halogenerator. This is the difference between passive and active salt rooms.

Hygiene: This facility is founded on the principals of a healthy mind, body and soul.

We exclusively reserve the right to evaluate and refuse service to any persons prior to commencing a Halotherapy session at Souler Float for cleanliness & healthiness. If you have a medical condition that you’re not sure is compatible with halotherapy please check with your healthcare provider.

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