By: Bridget Bachman

The more you appreciate, the more life gives you to appreciate. Appreciation and abundant gratitude flows from being present in the current moment. When you are living in the moment, you are being fully aware of the moment that you are in. The only true moment that is available to us is the present moment. Floating has been the gateway to show me how to be in the moment. It places you in the perfect environment to relax, observe, and see the healing power that comes with being present. The art of floating provides a true experience of acknowledging that wherever you are, be all there. Be all in. Similar to how you are emerged into the cleansing salty waters, emerge yourself into the moment. Show up to “life” today, embrace each single moment with a fresh perspective of what being present in the now can do for you.

Many floaters can attest that through this act of entering the present moment, they come out of their float with greater levels of peace, wellness, and an ability to re-enter being in the present moment even while not floating. You can enhance your ability to live in the moment by noticing sensory details of what you are doing. A simple practice of this would be to take a deep breath, holding it in for a few seconds, and exhaling out which will prompt you to enter deeper into each moment. Floating allows you to tap into the essence of noticing sensory activity because it removes sensory activity. This in turn teaches you to notice sensory once it is back after the float. Sensory deprivation creates more awareness of sensory details because it allows you to notice and observe on a greater level.  It’s similar to the experience of having a white noise fan on for hours, turning the fan off, and then realizing how much sound, noise, and stimulation it provided when it was on. Once you are away from something, you often can notice it more, appreciate it more, and handle it. This is true with stimulation and there is no better way to understand over stimulation than to remove it and enjoy the pleasure that comes with solitude.

The activities in our life that become too routine and mundane often become “grey” to us. Floating brings the color back into your life. After floating, you will find that once you walk outside, everything seems more vivid, stronger, tangible, and alive. This could very well be contributed to the fact that YOU are becoming more vivid, stronger, tangible and alive through floating. Our inside world often reflects on the outside. What we perceive in our soul, we reflect in the natural realm of life. If your soul is happy, a physical smile often appears on your face with a special glow in your eyes. Floating brings that inner positive change that emerges into your outside visible world. In my opinion, floating is the best kept health secret that anyone could discover because it heals you from the inside out. This is a long lasting healing that no one can take away from you. It heals your emotions, bone structure, skin, muscles, and so much more.

I find that after floating, my senses are awakened, rejuvenated, and more clear than they were prior to a float. Food tastes better, flowers smell more fragrant, the sound of a loved one’s voice is sweeter and more appreciated, and a simple hug feels like a divine healing embrace. Appreciation for all things increases from floating. Your eyes open up both physically and also spiritually. It awakens you to the deeper truths that have always surrounded you, yet the veil of  distraction, over stimulation, and busyness lifts off of you during your float, allowing you to partake in life in a more meaningful way. 

I believe that the reason for this is because a lot of negative emotions get washed away while floating, cleansed from your energy field, and it leaves you purified, able to feel more, and awakened to being aligned with a very positive frequency. We are energy and we do vibrate at frequency levels. We increase our “vibration” through soaking in 1,100 pounds of medical grade magnesium sulfates that have been proven to decrease inflammation and draw out impurities.An inflamed body is prone to disease, dysfunction, and stress. When the body soaks in these precious salts, it removes inflammation, and clears out the blockages that were once holding back divine health from flowing. When the impurities are pulled out of the body through soaking in the salts, it gifts the body with a deep cleansing that can not be achieved through other means. Some have suggested that they could gain the benefits of a float by simply soaking in their own bathtub at home. This really isn’t possible because the float tank is loaded with 1,100 pounds of medical grade epsom salt. It would be impossible to fill a bathtub at home and dissolve this massive amount of healing epsom salts. 

     Floating teaches us how to receive healing and truly be in the moment because it cultivates an appreciation for taking a break. Having to wait for something, even a healing, may be irritating to some but if one wants to learn how to live in the moment, one will need to learn how to think about being in process as a good thing. Floating is a process. Sometimes it takes more than one float to receive the full healing that you are looking for. When we leave our impatience at the door, and start to see the process of healing as something to be grateful for, it allows us to enter more deeply into being in the moment. This can relate to whenever you have to wait for something. For example, if you have to wait in line at the grocery store, this is a wonderful time to observe your surroundings and think about what you are grateful for in the moment. You can even start to practice wishing others well around you in your mind and spirit while waiting in line. This is a form of tangible good energy that shifts atmospheres and brings about a positive change. 

     While in the float tank, it is an excellent time to enter into gratefulness, awareness of your surroundings (inner and outer), as well as the world of your mind. We have been given power over our thoughts and we are able to ascend to a place where we can choose what we think about. I like to call this “thinking about what you are thinking about”. We can take negative thoughts captive and cast them out of our sphere of thinking. You can actually train your mind to think good, helpful, loving thoughts both about yourself, your situations, and others. Perspective is key when cultivating gratitude.  

When we teach our mind to perceive and view the world around us in a love-centered way instead of a fear-based way, we open up positive portals for goodness and abundance to come in. A pivotal way to activate this is to stop worrying and start trusting. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of the day concerned about what time you are going to go to bed later on? Train your mind to find peace in these moments and reassure yourself that when it is time for bed, you will handle  it then. To enter the joy that comes with living in the moment, you really have to actually live in the moment. That means you will have to give up fear and worrying about the future. I have had times where I was worried about going to work the next day,concerned about the tasks that had to be accomplished and how I was going to get everything done. These are not helpful thoughts before going to sleep, so I had to train my mind to think thoughts such as: “The only moment that I have to maximize is NOW” and “When I go into work, I will handle it then, but right now, I will live satisfied, content, and fulfilled in this present moment.” Replace a negative thought with a positive, life-giving thought. 

     Don’t let fear and worry steal your happiness! You are destined for greatness. You have creative capacities and ideas inside of you that the world needs. There is no benefit to worry and fear. If you feel stuck in the past with overwhelming thoughts that the past was better than the present, please remember that most people romanticize the past. The past may have been amazing, but you can create an even more amazing present moment through being grateful, thankful, and appreciative of all of the good things that are happening NOW. A helpful way to practically do this is to start writing down what you are thankful for. I like to do this before and after my float sessions. If you are feeling bold, start speaking out what you are thankful for. You can even make declarations such as “I am thankful for my health, the people around me, and that I am able to experience a life of beauty, connection, and simply pleasures”. Some other wonderful gratitude declarations that you can even speak out while floating include “I am enough”, “What I have is enough”, “The time I have is enough”, “I am blessed”, “I am a thankful and loving person”, and “I am healed”. These are positive and life changing affirmations because there is great  power inside of our words. We can build ourselves and others up with our words.

If you are feeling any discouragement because these concepts are new to you and you feel like you have lost years being negative, please know that today is a brand new day. It is the very first day of the entire rest of your life! You can choose TODAY how you want to think, speak, believe, and prosper. If you want to be a thankful person, then you can be that thankful person.It is important to visualize yourself in your truest most divine form. Close your eyes and imagine a blank movie screen in front of you. For two minutes, start to visualize on that blank movie screen a picture of yourself thriving, thankful, appreciative, and glowing with health. Let these positive images of yourself permeate to the core of who you are. See yourself as mindful, and become mindful. Believe in yourself! You are worthy of love, of being healed, and being appreciated. If you feel like no one appreciates you, start appreciating yourself. Give yourself exactly what you are looking for. If you are looking for love, start really loving yourself. Take yourself out on a date! Bring yourself out to that restaurant that you are desiring to try. Don’t worry about what others may think of you if they see you sitting alone, because really you are never alone. You are surrounded by love and you are fully, deeply loved.

     The only thing that holds us back from entering these moments of breakthrough are the limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves. Try to reveal, uncover, and expose any self limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself. They may have come upon you during childhood when someone you looked up to said something negative about you or to you. When we can identify the lie that is holding us back, we can then replace it with the truth. For example, you may think that you don’t deserve an hour of blissful relaxation with the  healing powers that come through floating, yet in reality, you do deserve it! You are incredible and deserving of that float session. 

Start treating yourself like how you would treat your beloved current or future significant other. If you would buy your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift, why would you not buy yourself a gift? If you go out of your way to plan a vacation for your future spouse and children ,why not plan a vacation for yourself? If you would plan a healthy, nourishing meal for the ones you love, why would you not do that for yourself? Is it because some would see that as selfish behavior? It really isn’t selfish. Loving yourself allows you to be more loving in relationships. It puts you in a position where you are not searching and being desperate for love and attention because you are first giving that love and attention to yourself. You are actually taking the pressure off relationally and becoming a whole person that is capable of sharing that wholeness with others. Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place. Self care is filling your own cup, so that you can give drink to others when it is time. Love yourself so you can love others from a place of wholeness and not brokenness.

If you are in an emotional place that you need healing, know that it is okay! Tell yourself, “It is okay to not be okay”. The first step to healing is allowing the hurt to surface and come out. Start to treat yourself how you would treat a wounded, hurt child because that is often exactly how the brokenness in our souls can feel like.You would speak kindly and tenderly to that hurt child, offering extra support, more nourishment, opportunities to promote their personal happiness and enjoyment, and attempting to find any way to help that child to discover the healing they need. Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself to really see yourself. Stop judging yourself for the pain that you feel and understand that the hurt that you carry is not your fault and is often trauma brought upon you. It wasn’t fair what happened to you, but thankfully there are ways to usher in the healing that you need and deserve. Floating is indeed the way to bring in the healing. It allows you to release the unaddressed pain and do the much needed inner work which occurs naturally through floating. I encourage you to float this week, enter into the present moment, discover the healing that awaits you at Souler Float, and know that you are worthy!

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