I can’t begin to convey the wonders of my first-time float experience without first discussing the incredible synchronistic way I found Souler Float.

My fiancé and I moved to Melbourne, FL from Germany about a month ago. We both are Conscious Lifestyle Mentors and Writers, and he mentioned the idea of a sensory deprivation experience to spark creativity while adapting to our new environment.

Assuming we’d have to travel to Orlando or Miami, I researched and found the Souler Float website stating not only that the center was a mere 3 miles from our home, but also that they were hiring! I immediately sent my resume and a short message.

A week after starting my additional career at Souler Float, I was blessed to experience my first float session. What a beautiful hour was had!

My first thoughts while closing the overhead door were, “DO NOT get salt in your eyes, whatever you do, make sure you avoid getting salt in your eyes.” I’ve experienced ocean in the eyes while surfing and didn’t want my first float experience to start off on an anxious note.

I immediately turned the lights off and began floating. I instantly felt completely comfortable inside the tank. There is a beautiful 10-minute track of meditation music that plays at the beginning of every session at Souler Float, and it perfectly aligned me into a relaxation state. By the time the music ended, I was extremely comfortable and already in the beginning stages of my meditation. Fortunately, with my background in meditation and yoga, the ability to turn my mind off was a very smooth process, even though I had never been enclosed in a deprivation tank before. Just like normal, thoughts were buzzing through my head, but I used my breath to ease into a peaceful space.

From there, I don’t actually remember much other than being completely relaxed and feeling weightless. At one point in the very beginning, I tried to decipher what parts of my body were in or above water, but because it is set to skin temperature, I wasn’t able tell at all. Throughout my hour, I rarely even remembered that I was in a float tank. After a bit I started to drift off only to wake suddenly from a foam head pillow falling onto my arm. It was my mistake as I had taken it in and tried to balance it on one of the metal poles connecting the lid to the base of the pod. Lesson learned!

After placing the foam headrest outside the pod, I shut my eyes and immediately fell back into bliss for what seemed like a mere minute. The music came back on to alert me that my float was over. I was so bummed! Had my hour really gone by that quickly? I found myself craving another 45 minutes being in the floating zone, but I knew that I would have an abundance of floating opportunities heading my way.

As I walked out to my car that day, I noticed that life seemed a bit lighter, and I was truly refreshed. I felt amazing, and I could tell it was just what I needed.


Credits and blog written by our very own Souler Floater, Taylor Winger.

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