Comfortable & Spacious

The i-sopod enjoys one of the largest interiors on the market. Its interior is approximately 7.4ftx5ft with a 4ft ceiling. Floating in an i-sopod feels more like having your own private pool than being in a tank. You can bounce around, sway from side to side, or just lay still and never even realize there are walls.

Programmable Audio & Lights

Built in lighting can be controlled by an exterior control panel, or by the floater inside the pod. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and all of them are a comfortable brightness level. The i-sopod features a built in sound system. At Souler Float we play music at the start and end of each float. Learn more about floating with us in our article on “First Time Floats”.

Quiet, Clean, & Safe

Most float tanks filter at around 30 microns, while the i-sopod filters at 1 micron. Not only is it clean, but it’s also silent. The filtration system kicks in at the end of every float session. This ensures that the tank is clean, while also allowing for a quiet and peaceful float. The voltage on the i-sopod is minimal. It’s environment friendly and safe for floaters.

Overall thoughts on the i-sopod.

I love floating in an i-sopod. They are the optimal choice for floating and I would recommend them to anyone. Their spaciousness and comfort are beyond compare, and they have every desired feature built in. Come try floating in one of our i-sopod’s today!

Souler Float is located at:

1694-A West Hibiscus Blvd Melbourne, Florida

(321) 591-9005

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