I feel good and slow -like honey- and heightened. Aware.

I had an experience of synchronistically picking up a Reiki book at the library. I had planned to pick up 3 Paulo Coelho books and return my books due that day. It was to be a swift exchange as I knew exactly what shelf the books were on. (Internet catalogs are great for “planning.”) I arrived, turned books in, picked up books, and within 30 seconds was on my way to the counter to check-out when I felt a sudden pull from the “How-to” section.

I had visions of running and meditating, so I looked at books on running and even picked up two that felt resonant. Still, something wasn’t fully aligned, so I browsed. There are so many How-to books!
From Lego building to Pilates to 45 different kinds of diet books. Skiing. Photography.
Then, a small Reiki book appeared. I pulled it out. It was the only one on that topic. I fanned the pages. I put it back. “I don’t like the cover,” I thought to myself. And I didn’t like the text book feel (not in size, but in structure). I walked a couple feet away. I went back. I picked it up. I stared at it, and I felt a strong pull to take it.

I checked-out. My heart was noticeably extra soft.

This was Thursday. I tried to read one of the novels before, but my mind was wandering and it didn’t feel connective. On Friday night, I began reading the Reiki book, and it felt magical to be bombarded with so much remembrance. Drifting in and out of sleep while reading, I shut off the light and had a blissfully deep slumber.

The next morning, I devoured the entire book, practicing on myself as I read.

It was incredible.

After my shift at Souler Float, I practiced in the pod. With the dark serene silence, I felt the energy flow I had an incredible experience with my left side, specifically my lymphatic system.
The experience left bubbles of serenity.
Reiki is a healing technique practiced by channeling energy through the densities of the body. Usually touch used to activate the natural healing processes of the receiver’s body to restore physical and emotional well-being. This healing energy flows along the spine extending through the chakra system.
Specific areas of the physical body represent a multitude of energetic potential. For example, the chakra represented through our lower abdomen and surrounding has an orange essence. When balanced, this chakra fuels creativity, passion and joy; however, an imbalance can fuel low back pain, arthritis, hip tightness, depression, lack of motivation and/or inspiration.
Having recently experienced creative stagnancy and a great deal of digestive, hip and low back issues, it felt resonant to spend most of my float focusing on my sacral chakra.
I entered the tank, began floating on my back and turned off the light. I took a few mindful breaths and set the intention eliminate any energetic blocks. I then placed my stacked hands, palms down on the left side of my lower abdomen.
The glandular association with the Sacral Chakra is the Lymphatic System. The important function of this gland helps clear waste matter from the lymph nodes in our body, and restore plasma and protein to the blood. The lymph fluid it carries travels to the heart and organs, and is responsible for the proper functioning of the digestive system and the health of the liver and spleen.
I could feel my palm resting on my belly heating up. Everything was still -including my breath- until I noticed I was unintentionally doing breaths of fire that were reaching quickly to the activated area and back out my mouth. It felt as if that area of my stomach was a horse’s hoof being scraped clean for the first time. Sensitive yet in its entirety complete relief.
I did this same process to a few other parts of my body including my chest and throat, which are two additional chakra home bases. The entire hour in the pod was healing and magical. I felt as if I had lost 10 pounds after my session.

Again, I had a deep night’s sleep.

It feels so powerful to experience myself as source in that way. With an intention to experience the highest and most connected of outcomes while I float, I’m going to practice energy clearing every time I get in the pod.

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