How Important is Magnesium to the human body?

If you’re friends with any health nuts on social media, you may have noticed them mention the importance of magnesium. Just recently an acquaintance of mine suggested taking magnesium to help with a lack of energy. Honestly, I didn’t even realize how important magnesium is to the body.

“Magnesium is the most important mineral to man and all living organisms.” – Dr Jerry Aikawa, The University of Colorado

Magnesium is a macro-mineral. Simply put, your body needs a lot of it! It’s right up there with sodium, potassium, and calcium. It has numerous health benefits, which include but are not limited to: relieving headaches and migraines, treating anxiety, preventing asthma, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, and producing collagen.

“Magnesium chloride has a dramatic effect on cell life and is safer to use than aspirin and effective in a much broader sense than vitamin C. Magnesium chloride is one of the best-kept secrets, not only in naturopathic medicine, but also in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives.” – Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD, author of “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy”

So where can you get magnesium?

The easiest solution would be pill form, which can be found in any store where vitamins are sold, but pills are also the least effective form. Another way is through your diet. Dark leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, seeds, chocolate, dairy and fish are just a few good sources you can focus on. But dieting is hard right?

The other possible way is to use Epsom salt. Epsom salt is in fact, not actual salt, but crystals of magnesium sulfate. Many studies are showing that Floatation Therapy may be the best way to get your dose of Magnesium.

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