You don’t have to earn time off.

It’s too easy to  work your life away. We rush from home to work and back again without stopping to take for ourselves. On the off chance that we start allowing our mind to drift away, we are reminded to stay focused by our smart phones, laptops and tablets. This is the world that we live in and it is an unhealthy one. Making time for yourself is important for both  mental and physical health. The human body needs time to relax, exercise and rest.

“We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don’t allow our bodies to heal, and we don’t allow our minds and hearts to heal.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Most of us take time to rest while we sleep, but that rest isn’t always quality rest. Floating is proven to help the body reach a deeper sleep, which results in better rest.

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

Exercise is equally as important to the human body. Time recommendations vary from person to person, but everyone agrees that exercise should be done on a daily basis.  Exercise is proven to help reduce stress, encourage better sleep, and promote good health. The time that you spend exercising will continue to benefit you throughout your life.

“I exercise more for mental relaxation than anything else.” – Claire Danes

Relaxation can be achieved in many ways. Simply taking a walk can de-stress and refocus the mind. Reading a book, playing a game, or doing something you enjoy can also provide relaxation. If you have trouble setting aside time to do the things you enjoy, consider Floatation Therapy. Floatation Therapy must be scheduled ahead of time, and scheduling may be the push you need to ensure that you give yourself some relaxation.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

Setting aside time to relax, exercise, and rest will benefit your mind and body. You will find that you have an easier time being creative. You will find yourself sleeping better, and you will discover hidden joys in life.

Schedule yourself some time to rest and relax. Book a float today at Souler Float. Learn more about the benefits of Floatation Therapy on our blog.




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