Just bring yourself!

People often ask what they should bring for their first float. The answer is super simple, just bring yourself. You do not need shampoo, snacks, drinks, or even a bathing suit. You can wear any clothes you like, because we recommend floating nude!

Preparing for your first float.

New floaters should arrive 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork and get acquainted with their room. Our float specialists will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

You should avoid shaving immediately prior to floating so that the salt does not irritate your skin. Freshly dyed hair needs to be set before coming to float. We encourage you to avoid caffeine for at least 4 hours prior to floating, for hydration and relaxation purposes. We also advise eating a light snack before showing up.

The general idea behind all of our advice is to allow you to have the optimal float experience. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy your first float without any distractions!

Getting your float on!

Upon arrival one of our float specialists will show you to your room. Your room is completely private and comes equipped with a personal shower, shampoo, towel, and ear plugs. You have complete control over the lighting, the door lock, and even the floatation pod itself.

We ask all floaters to rinse off in the shower before entering our top of the line i-Sopods. After removing your clothing and taking a quick rinse you are ready to begin your float. You can climb into your i-Sopod and start to relax. Just remember to hit the rubber button on the inside to let us know you are ready. We will play music at the start of your float, and at the end to let you know you are done.

What is floating like?

The experience of floating varies from person to person. Some people go on a mental journey, some enter a sleep like relaxation, and some use the time to ponder work, life, and other hobbies.

The room is dark, quiet, and private. The water is warm and salty. The air is warmer inside the tank due to the heated water. The lid of the i-Sopod can be open and closed at any time by the floater. You can even float with it open if you wish.

There really aren’t any rules to what a float must be. A float is a private journey in which to experience true relaxation and relief.

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